Walmart Grocery + $10 Off Your First Order!

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I used to LOVE grocery shopping. There was something about being able to buy whatever I wanted to eat, whenever I wanted. It was a full-day event at times, planning my route through the aisles (of course, with coupons) making sure I calculated the per ounce price of every last thing.

I even enjoyed the checkout process, and seeing the total climb, climb, climb, and then go down, down, down with each coupon beep. The KrazyCouponLady‘s couponing tips were a huge help in this area (I was an extreme couponer before it was a ‘thing’, but quit before it morphed into buying dozens of tubes of toothpaste with purchased coupons and being showcased on TLC…)

Walmart Grocery +$10


After being married for a couple years, we’d had two more kids (we have three total, my firstborn was from my first marriage). The excitement of shopping for hours vanished. It turned into “I just want to stay home”, praying for more sleep, sick days, budgets, and my SANITY! USA, LLC

Taking kids grocery shopping should be illegal…I’m just doing my part to make life easier for others 😉 

Needless to say, now I’ll do anything to shop from home or stay out of a store. So when Walmart created their Grocery pick-up service, I signed up the first day it became available in my area. My. Life. CHANGED.


If you’re always dreading going grocery shopping after work, on your day off, with the kids, or because you HAVE to (the family will starve if you don’t), this post is for you. If you haven’t heard of this program, GET READY. You’ll gain 1-3 hours of your life back every week!

When I ran out of ingredients during the week, I used to write it down on my fridge list so I could remember to pick it up on my next trip. Then the list would end up, you guessed it, on the counter at home while I was in the store! I KNOW I’m not the only one…

Walmart has made this easy-to-forget task COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE since all I have to do is add them to my online shopping cart, and check out when I’m ready. It saves my ‘cart’ for days until I ‘m ready to go!

You can decide if you’ll allow substitutions (if they are out of stock on an item) and they allow you to inspect everything before they load your vehicle. If you don’t like the condition or the substitution they offer, you can refuse it and they will take it off your order. I don’t bother with that myself- their produce is always PERFECT when I pick up, we don’t have special diets or allergy issues, and we’re familiar with all of their other products. And it saves me more time!

I choose which day and time I want to pick up when I’m headed to the payment page, then checkout.  Check in with my Walmart Grocery app on my way, and they have my groceries waiting when I arrive. I don’t even have to leave the car- they load everything! And I’m in and out of their parking lot in less than five minutes.

ICYMI: My Goals for 2018 (plus a habit I’m hoping to break!)

And did I mention the savings?? Impulse purchases KILL my grocery budget every month! I make smarter choices now and save 20% routinely compared to my in-store days! And I don’t end up with another DVD we won’t watch, or bread that will just go stale. (But don’t tell your favorite stores that, they thrive on impulse purchases, it’s where they make some of their highest margin profits!) #imissicecream #groceryhero

My poor kids, they won’t know the struggle of grocery shopping for a family. Until they grow up, that is! Such a rough life they live. LOL. But for now, they have 1-3 more hours each week with ME! Just what they’ve always wanted 😉


If you already shop at Walmart and haven’t tried this program yet, use this link on your first order (we’ll BOTH save $10 on our next purchase)!  












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