My Word for 2018 (+1 Thing I’m Committing To!)

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I’ve never understood the meaning behind the trend of picking a “Word for the Year”. I usually don’t pick up on trends, I just go with my gut on things and if it works out, I do it again. If it doesn’t, well, at least I tried.  But the “Word for the Year” thing always left me wondering if it would be like every other “resolution”, i.e. last minute, no real plan in place to get there, and leaving me five to ten pounds heavier.

My Word for 2018

Oh, come on, I know I’m not the only one who did the whole “I’m going to lose a gazillion pounds by March 1! ” on Jan 1???  (Ok, yup, it worked in my twenties. Back when I would skip my usual BK Whopper meal and drop three dress sizes in an hour. It was possible then.) But then I had kids, turned 29 and the savage middleweight changed all that. #Helloyogapants

This is why I thought maybe I was going crazy when a word became stuck in my head a few weeks ago (without any Oprah provocation – I haven’t watched her since the late 80s but apparently this was her thing) and it wouldn’t leave. Something was telling me that this word would mean something someday, so I pulled out a notebook and started writing. 

I set that paper aside until this morning when I was purging old paperwork before the New Year, and it caught my eye. I started scrolling through Twitter and I’m not alone writing about this topic, so here I am. 


It was so simple, yet I didn’t know why it stuck. The word “Light”. I grabbed the iPad and mind-mapped all over it to see where it would lead.  Here’s what I came up with:

My MindMap for 2018 WotY


If you’ve never seen a mind-map before, this is what one (mine) looks like. I picked the method up in college, and it worked for me with brainstorming all of my assignments, so I use it still to this day. I can keep going forever with this app but it wouldn’t all fit for the purpose of this screenshot, so I cut it short. (For Apple users, it’s called SimpleMind+, and while the free version is excellent, it’s DEFINITELY worth the $4.99 for the full version if this method works for you!)

Apparently, my mind is demanding (at 12:48 am because that’s how I roll)  that I apply the word LIGHT to almost ALL the important areas of my life. I’m sure there were more areas I could add to, but this was a rough draft. I need to ‘lighten’ my belongings, our debt, my weight, and most importantly my approach to my kids. Being strict isn’t always such a bad thing (kids need boundaries), but the kids need to also BE KIDS. 

Not only was I making a ‘resolution’ by creating this map, but now I have a plan to make it happen!

I’m not entirely sure what 2018 will bring, but I know now what *I* will bring to it. A plan, a few lists, and FOCUS. I may not reach all of my goals, but last year I didn’t make ANY, so I’m already ahead of the game! 

My New Commitment

I’ve also committed to completing a 30 Day challenge every month to help with the 72 lb weight loss goal (no worries, I definitely have the weight to lose – three kids and no career where I am constantly on my feet have made this gift of extra weight possible). My list is below.

January– 30 Day Squat Challenge (from 25-400)

February– 30 Day Push Up challenge (from 5-75)

March– 30 Day Plank Challenge (from 20sec – 4min)

April– (GETTING READY FOR SUMMER!) 30 Day Jumping Jacks Challenge (from 50-250)

May– 30 Day Summer Abs Challenge (crunches, leg raises, and planks)

June– 30 Day Weighted Arms Challenge

July– 30 Day Thigh Challenge

August– Plank Challenge again 

September– 30 day Burpee Challenge (#IHateBurpees)- from 10 to 50)

October– 30 Day Wall-Sit Challenge #highschoolgymclass  10sec to 300sec

November– NO BREAKS!  30 Day Abs&Squats Challenge

December-30 Day Pushup&Jumping Jacks


Happy New Year Everyone! 

Do you have a word for this coming year? What is it? Why? 









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