How to Maximize Your Tax Return with FreeTaxUSA (+10% off PROMO CODE just for my readers!)

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Tax season is coming soon (Is that a groan I hear? Say it ain’t so!) and we all know what that means – stressing about receipts and organization, dreading the endless forms that have to be filed, and waiting impatiently for our tax documents to come in the mail (W-2’s, 1099’s, INT forms, etc.)

But what do you do with your information once you have it?? PLEASE DON’T SAY YOU PAY SOMEONE TO DO YOUR TAXES-PLEASE!!! I KNOW A BETTER WAY!  (And if you are like a majority of Americans, it won’t cost you ANYTHING!)

Free Tax USA


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 PLEASE don’t throw your money away by paying someone hundreds of dollars to do something you could do yourself! (yes, I’m talking to even my very best friends here! We know who you are!) This won’t be scary, I promise! You CAN’T mess this up!  

Here are FIVE reasons you’ll want to file your own taxes (for free!). And keep reading for a 10% promo code when you file!  

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1. It takes less time than a standard TV show to file!

FreeTaxUSA is the ONLY way we file our taxes, and the fact that it takes less than a half hour to prepare the entire return guarantees we will NEVER use another program! The added benefit to FreeTaxUSA is that, if you use it year after year like we do, the preparation time is cut in HALF next year, because the site remembers ALL of the information you entered the previous year, like names, addresses, dependents, SSNs, and employers. So the only thing you would have to change is your employer (if you change jobs) if you add a dependent, and of course, your income and deductions. 

***Important to note: FreeTaxUSA ONLY files individual taxes. They also currently offer small business, K-1 filing, and investment returns for FREE.  Large businesses will need to file using another program or service*** 

Pricing for 2018 (2017 Tax Year)

Federal Tax Return FREE
E-file FREE
Customer Support FREE
Printable Tax Return FREE
Tax Extension FREE
State Tax Return $12.95
Deluxe Edition $6.99

2. The program is FREE. No purchase necessary of any software, no forms to mail!

If you are filing a Federal return, the filing is FREE. The access to the website is FREE. The preparation is FREE. And everything is explained in layman’s terms so you can DEFINITELY do this yourself!

They support all major tax situations (filing jointly, investments, home ownership, and being self-employed) for FREE. For filing free returns, you will have access to free telephone customer support (and the site is VERY user-friendly! They explain everything as you go!) 

 **They offer a Deluxe Edition return for $6.99, which gives you live chat support, audit assistance, and UNLIMITED amended returns. If you are in a state that requires a State return, the price for it is $12.95- STILL less than other programs!** 

3. QUICKER turn-around time for refunds!

Compared to paper-filing (which takes approximately 6 weeks), E-filing your tax return takes approx 3-4 weeks to receive your refund. If you are especially ambitious like we are and file in early February as soon as we receive all of our documents (we LOVE preparing taxes, we’re nerds!) it is not unreasonable to see your refund come back in as little as TWO WEEKS!  

4. FreeTaxUSA offers fast, easy, accurate, and secure e-filing.

This is one of the most important features we look for in a company we work with! They use Data Encryption (SSL), secure IRS transmissions (they exceed the IRS encryption standards), and 24-hour monitoring in their data protection center. Their security certificates are current and available to view on their site.

5. You get ALL of your refund back! No processing fees, hidden fees, or commissions to pay!

Tax preparers are NOT going to appreciate me saying this, but I just cannot in good faith let people waste their money, ESPECIALLY when I know how to do things for less!!

Compared to in-house filing services, you won’t pay for anything you don’t want, you won’t pay for customer support or any hidden fees (that ALWAYS pop up when that in-house agent passes the forms over the desk for you to review! It’s almost all COMMISSION!)

My friends all know how much it hurts my heart to hear they paid $300+ for their tax preparation because they could do SO MUCH MORE with that $$$$!!!! It’s my goal this year to help them see the light! 

And now for some SAVINGS! 

If all of these benefits weren’t enough, I have one more for you! Free Tax USA is offering all of my readers 10% off your entire order (State, Deluxe, and/or printed copy) when you enter promo code ABFC18 at checkout!  This makes an already discounted price even SWEETER! 

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File your federal taxes for FREE and get MORE of your refund in LESS time!!!  





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