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profile1I’m a 37-year-old, apron-wearing, wife and mother of three. I’ve been married to the love of my life for 8 years, but we’ve known each other since we met in 2002 (we both worked for the same company). A mutual friend whom I also met while working there suggested that he and I would be perfect for each other (she had dated him, but it didn’t work out), and we both said no! It wasn’t until 2006-7 that he finally got the nerve up to ask me out, and our relationship took off- our friend was right! We’ve been inseparable ever since. I was a single mom at the time (my oldest was 7 when we first started dating) and he completed our family!

We went through college together after being married about a year, and the same week we graduated with our Bachelor’s degrees in Business (three years later), I gave birth to our first (my second) child, our daughter.  Four days post-partum and walking in my cap and gown was a little surreal, but I couldn’t imagine a better way to welcome our little firecracker into our world! When she was six months old, we sold our condo and bought our three-story home in my husband’s old neighborhood, and we had our son in November 2016. At the time of this writing, he is two weeks away from turning one! All this kid growing/teaching/playing/learning/feeding/bathing/don’t-eat-that!-ing makes time go by so fast!

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I love to cook, clean, iron, sew, quilt, fix things that are broken, organize my home… ok, I might be a *little* heavy on the domesticated side. But I LOVE IT! I can fix cars, grow a garden, build a table, re-wire outlets- I can do anything- as long as I have my COFFEE! And a great hoodie to wear… And some cozy wool socks. And thanks to my amazing husband, I’m able to do it all while I stay home with our two youngest kids.

I’m a Gilmore Girls addict (I first watched the series the week my youngest was born, and have had it on continuous loop ever since on Netflix). I think it’s safe to say I keep paying for Netflix JUST so I can keep watching Lorelai and Rory… That’s not unhealthy, right? I can’t help it- I don’t know anyone else in real life that depends on coffee as much as I do!

If I’m not on Pinterest, blogging here, cooking or sewing at home, or running one of a million daily errands, I can usually be found in a tent or cabin on a lake with my family. We love camping, and just enjoying the great Pacific Northwest air and tall evergreen trees, any time of year! Be on the lookout for camp related posts throughout the year-camping with small children is an adventure in itself!IMG_0876