Short on Cash? 5 Ways to Make $100 This Weekend (without borrowing!)

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At some point in almost everyone’s life, there comes a time when cash seems to ALWAYS be in short supply.

Maybe there’s an unexpected birthday party for your child’s friend which requires a gift(which ALWAYS HAPPENS once they’re school age, doesn’t it?), or it’s an essential small appliance you use daily that exhales it’s last breath and needs replacing. Maybe it’s a date night that you and your husband DESPERATELY need away from the kids. And you have enough for the dinner and movie, but ugh… not enough for a babysitter! Guess you’re staying home, again… 

Five Ways to Make $100 This Weekend

Whatever the reason may be, there really aren’t that many people who COULDN’T use a few extra bucks in their pocket. I don’t know any.  But how can you do it? And how fast will it happen? 

One weekend. That’s all it takes! I’m writing about five options (which are simple, simple!), but there are so many more! It just takes a little creativity and time (and sometimes a little sacrifice, but work is a sacrifice!). The reward is a few extra $20s in your pocket and some time well EARNED! 

Here are 5 ways you can make $100 (or MORE!) this weekend! 

1. Sell something you no longer need

Do you have sports gear collecting dust in the garage? Last year’s model iPhone or Samsung that you recently upgraded? How about craft items you no longer need, a pair of new shoes that didn’t fit ‘just right’, or some garden tools?

You can turn just about anything you own (as long as it is in good condition or a highly sought after item) into quick cash by selling it on eBay, Craigslist, OfferUp, local consignment shops (clothing, sports gear, and Facebook swap groups (they’re in almost every area of every state, search “your city” + swap group to see what you find!). Take a few bright pictures, provide some basic information about the condition/size of the item, add your price and pick-up or shipping conditions, and wait!

Spring is the HOTTEST time to sell things online (everyone is in Spring Cleaning mode, and therefore shopping to replace old items!), so NOW is the time to START SELLING! 


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2. Drive for Uber (or Uber Eats)

Uber (and UberEats) give drivers with good driving records an opportunity to drive around their town and make money while doing it! With UberEats, I just log in when I head out of the house for the day- it tracks my location and notifies me of opportunities in the area as I drive- I can pick up a customer’s lunch order and drop it off to them all while running my own errands! (I just did this yesterday and it was the easiest and quickest order yet- from order notification to drop off was less than 8 minutes!)

No money exchanges hands at any time during the process, and you’ll be paid immediately through your Uber account! The best part is, as you start driving with Uber, you’ll get access to your own referral code to give to friends and family. When they sign up and drive,  YOU earn a bonus!  Follow my link to get started (there might even be a bonus in it for you when you do!): UberEats – Sign Up Today!

3. Consign clothing or used items

In my area, I have access to three kid’s consignment shops that buy and sell new and gently used children’s clothing, books, and toys. One of those three stores pays cash on-the-spot for my items! Check out your local area (maybe even the neighboring towns?) to see what options you have. I have two kids under the age of five, so clothes are ALWAYS being outgrown before I even remove the tags. I average $75-90 a month just selling my kids’ things! 

4. Babysit

Ok, so if you’re trying to make money to PAY a babysitter, maybe this option seems a bit counterintuitive, but what if you have a few days between now and date night? Maybe your best-Mom-friend could use a kid-free grocery shopping trip! Offer your services. Or better yet, without having to swap any cash, offer to watch their kids during the week and then they can watch yours on your date night! 

5. Have a garage sale

This one seems simple, and *almost* goes without saying, since I’ve already brought up selling your items in number one. But here’s the thing- I live in an HOA community, so garage sales are NOT ALLOWED unless they are performed on one or two previously approved weekends by the HOA board. 

For those of you who don’t have to hold onto things like I do until those dates arrive (I use Facebook swap groups to keep the piles from growing during the year to compensate for that lost time), then a little bit of planning and decluttering your home could potentially bring you extra cash, and at the same time, you’ll be cleaning house! (I WISH I could get paid to clean my own house! Selling things kind of makes me feel like I do!) 

Selling online has its drawbacks for me in that, small, inexpensive items usually don’t sell due to the customer having to calculate the time to drive to pick up or ship the item. Sometimes the items just aren’t worth the extra effort. However, from a garage sale standpoint, cheap prices are the name of the game! So set out your old branded beer glasses, DVDs, mismatch dish sets, kids toys, and books! You’d be surprised by what sells.

I’ll have a post up next week with garage sale tips and tricks I’ve learned- and also more money making ideas (that DON’T mention selling everything you own or your firstborn!) – so sign up for my mailing list to stay updated! 


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