Life Gets in The Way-February 2018

It feels like it was just last week that I wrote a post about filing your taxes! I let things happen around our house, and next thing I knew, I looked up and it’s February, I now have an 18 YEAR OLD, it’s been FIVE weeks since my last post (?!?!?!?), and… it’s snowing in SW WA? Yay! Winter isn’t over yet! (The 18-year-old bit will take longer to get used to and get over- I’m focusing on the positives here! #Ismellsnow) 

Snow, I smell SNOW
The view from my back yard 🌨❄🌨❄

So much happens when you aren’t looking, doesn’t it? I’m not the kind of person that says “ugh, it feels like Christmas was last week!” but I wouldn’t be lying if I actually ENJOYED saying “it’s only 9 more months until Christmas!” as I wrote out my four-year-old’s preschool Valentine’s Day cards. (this year was fun, we made homemade play dough for all the kids, I’m sure much to the disappointment of the rest of the parents who are afraid of the stuff getting in their carpets at home- but hey, it’s my little way of saying “thank you” to them for sending their kids to school sick, causing MY kids to be sick 5 times in a four month span! Haha!)

January came and went with a blur- goals were put on hold until we could get our budget in sync, get our rest from the craziest Christmas to-date for us, and get over cold #5 since August.

February came without much fanfare, until the oldest turned 18 and then Mama became nostalgic and cuddly-cuddly to her youngest (he’s the baby! It goes by too fast!). I learned a few new tricks for around the house, created a couple profitable “side-hustles”, learned something about myself, and then it hit me- I haven’t been writing! You’ve all been left out of the loop! 

My Plan

I have a plan though to get back on track and first on the list is to get BACK into goal planning! I’m at my most organized when I have written goals, and I love knowing I’m making progress on something,  ANYTHING! 

A Minor Setback

This year will be a year of change too, as I recently discovered that I am likely gluten-intolerant. 😭😭 I’ve always had acid reflux issues and have been on medication for it for fifteen years. I never thought much of it until something clicked and I started  putting the pieces together of all the little things I deal with on a daily basis that have gotten worse (but that I don’t complain about) i.e. acne worse than I ever had in my adolescence with a first-ever experience with cystic acne in January, other skin issues, acid flare-ups after eating breads or pastas (mmm pasta…) and more that I won’t get into. I contacted my doctor who agreed that this is what gluten intolerance looks like and suggested that I go on a 30-day gluten-free test. I need to report back to her once 31 days hits, and try a slice of bread at that time to see what happens. 

Being GF really wasn’t much different than we normally eat so we haven’t suffered with too many substitutions, but it does come with a steep learning curve. I LOVE my pasta and I can’t stand the flavor of whole grain or non-semolina types. Of course, the DAY before I contacted my doctor,  I had stocked up on all kinds of semolina pasta at the store!  Oh, the pain! Boxes of lasagna noodles, fettuccini, angel hair, egg noodles, cavatappi, and shells all just sitting in my pantry, mocking me now! 

Within one WEEK of going GF though, I felt SO much better, and the acid reflux/GERD was non-existent! My face cleared up and the other issues were lessened! Its been just over two weeks now and I’m finally getting used to the flavor of GF flour substitutes (its so nice to live so close to the Bob’s Red Mill store!), and I’m already finding ways to make my meals GF without much change to the flavor-thank goodness!   If this turns out to be the cause of my issues, I have no idea what I’m going to do about my pasta cravings, but I do know it’ll save me money and calories every month!

(BTW, if you are GF, have you all tried this? It’s my first attempt at finding a decent substitute for my regular refreshing beverage, and I think it’s pretty good!) 

Gluten free beer
My search for edible gluten free food starts with beer! 🍺

I’ll throw a post out tomorrow with my late and already in progress February goals. But for now, I just wanted to warm up the keyboard and say hello! 

P.S. if you are gluten intolerant, maybe you have some recipes you can share in the comments below! I’d love to see what I can look forward to with this!