My March 2018 Goals (and my misplaced February list too!)

Hello everyone! 

Gosh, I wish I could say I’ve been SOO uber busy (ok, well, I’ve been driving with Uber a LOT, but that’s another story!) and that’s why my posts are sporadic and getting shorter. It’s just not true!  Sure, I have two kids under 5 who keep me constantly wondering what they are up to  entertained with their never-ending attempts to break every rule in the house, and my Goals lists MAY have been just a tad bit overwhelming to complete, but in all honesty, I didn’t feel all that pressured for time!

I’m usually just trying to make it through a day without taking a nap myself (because child #3 wakes up twice a night or more, and child #2 is an EARLY riser. I’m lucky to get four to five hours a night of broken sleep), and maintaining my one-load-of-laundry-a-day routine. So in between the: 1) temper tantrums (I try not to let the kids see me as I make those! 😉 ),  2) bathroom trips for potty training, 3) cooking an edible meal with the last two clean pots in the house, and 4) making sure the USPS driver picks up my eBay packages on time, the rest of my time seems to be spent… oh this is embarrassing!  Binge-watching old episodes of Hoarders!??!  (I can’t help it, it’s motivational!) 

February’s goal list was full of little nit-picky tasks I’ve been putting off for years, but thanks to my new motivational program (wink, wink) I got a decent amount of them done! March will be about seeing where I can eliminate things (including debt!) from our lives so that the summer can be clutter free! 

February 2018 Goals (that I never shared, because I was too ashamed to admit I forgot to follow up on January’s goals, and instead of writing, I chose DOING instead…)

  • Label my precious red rolling tool chest with locations for all hand tools- DONE
  • Sort all hardware by type and size, and relocate from PB jars, buckets, shoeboxes and ziptop bags into drawer towers -DONE (and labeled!)
  • Put all Christmas decor and storage in the overhead garage storage- DONE
  • Detail clean our master bath -DONE (except the shower, that’s for this week)
  • Drive for UberEats 3 nights a week -Two nights a week was enough!
  • Wipe down three kitchen cabinet fronts every day (or more if I feel up to it) -In Progress
  • Take kids’ clothes to the consignment store– haven’t made time for this yet
  • List 40 items on eBay to meet my 50 free listings limit – DONE (and SOLD 28 of the items!) 
  • Identify all the miscellaneous cords, wires, cables, and accessories in the basement -DONE
  • Mend clothing with holes, loose buttons, worn hems (the pile in the laundry room specifically) -ALMOST DONE
  • Lower child #3’s crib mattress to the lowest level (the little monkey has learned to climb!) -DONE tonight
  • Try a new hairstyle/haircut (will be completed Saturday!)


  • Eliminate two storage containers of kids clothes from our laundry room and bring to consignment EACH WEEK (we have about 7, which is just WAY too much work for one person to do in one day!) 
  • Increase Uber nights to 3-a-week (use funds earned to pay off smallest debt, and start the debt snowball!) 
  • Finish three old blog posts (sitting in drafts) and publish them this time! (I’m currently having issues adding photos to my posts! You may have already noticed, but I’m working with tech support on this to get it fixed!) 
  • Donate or sell kids’ old outgrown toys (at LEAST two bins full)
  • Find two old recipes in my files, revamp them and post them on the blog
  • Say no to stacks! (stacks of papers, books, toys, dishes, crafts, clothes, donations, etc.) 
  • Create a workable social media plan to work WITH my blog instead of against it (and eliminate the time-suckers. I’m talking about you, FB and Candy Crush!) 
  • List 35 more items on eBay to meet my 50 free listings

It looks like March won’t be much lighter task-wise, but it will make a HUGE difference in our home (and to my sanity). I’m looking forward to a little laptop screen time!

I’m also looking forward to my hair appointment coming up this Saturday with one of my good friends who will be my forever stylist if what I’m picturing can be done! I’m daring to ‘go silver’ and PINK (thanks to her vision, I never would have thought to try it)! I’ve never colored my hair an unnatural color, but when a girl reaches a certain age– you only live once! And this checks off a task on my 101 Things list I’m working on, so I’m getting a double bonus!   I just hope child #3 recognizes me when I come home, he’s a little attached to his Mommy, and this might shock him- he panics when I dry my hair with a towel LOL. 

Have you ever done anything you NEVER thought you’d do in your life? How did it turn out? (try to keep it positive, I’m nervous here! Haha)